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The Affiliate Program

The Charter Companies &

The Affiliates program was designed to pay professionals that can expand our brand and attract other professionals looking to take control of their career into our network. The Charter Companies is focused on partnering with Affiliates that will represent our brand in a professional, positive manner and drive revenue for themselves while promoting our services. We take pride in interviewing all our affiliates and making sure they understand the commitment that we are looking for from them. We want them to have a clear picture of how they will earn income and be able to see where they are at within any commission cycle.We view our Affiliates as strategic business partners and have an opportunity to earn income at from a service that is needed in any economic climate. The Charter Companies is are 100% committed to the success of our professional that are enrolled in our services.We look forward to answering any questions you might have about this program in your meeting with us!

Naming parties for this document:

This document will outline the relationship and expectation of all the Affiliates that sign on with the Charter Companies. This document will refer to The Charter Companies and all of its subsidiaries as “The Charter Companies” and we will refer to the “Sales Professionals” as our “Affiliates”

The Charter Companies Affiliate Program Agreement

These are the terms and conditions for joining our Affiliate Program with The Charter Companies. The terms of this agreement are subject to change without prior notice, but we will try to notify you of such changes in advance.

Applying for our Program

You are applying for our Affiliate Program right now. We reserve the right to decline or remove enrollment from our program at our discretion. As soon as your application is accepted, you can start sharing your affiliate link and earning affiliate commissions.

Commissionable Plans Through The Charter Companies &

The Charter Companies offers 7% commission structure for all Affiliates. The items listed below are the commissionable items that The Charter Companies pay a commission on.

Free Membership:

The Charter Companies offer all professionals a Free Membership that will run through our E- Commerce store for a fee of $0.00. This will allow us to track the free registration to our platform. Our affiliates will also be able to see the amount of people that are connecting to our site for free. Our goal at The Charter Companies is to take the free registrations and convert them to a sale. When that happens because that lead was developed from an affiliate, that affiliate will earn the commission for the sale. The Charter Companies does not commission for the FREE level of Registration.

Note:When a professional convert from a free membership to a paid membership we will pay a commission to the Affiliate that generated the lead. There is no time limit to earn a commission on a lead that converts from a free member to a paid member. to a son the sales and it will enter their commission cycle at the time of purchase.

The Compass Course:(Individual Workshop)

The Compass Course allows professionals at all levels to purchase one course at a time to fit their needs. These courses are live from date of purchase and valid for 30 days. They are setup with a video and document guides to assist you through the process.  

  1. Develop & Verbalize Your Story $57.99
  2. Write A Proper Resume $57.99
  3. Set Up & Use LinkedIn Like A Recruiter $57.99
  4. Prepare & Apply For An Internship Or New Opportunity $57.99
  5. Prepare & Be An Active Participant In An Interview $57.99


  • Course cost 57.99
  • Affiliate Commission 7%
  • Affiliate Commission dollar amount $4.06

When the course is purchased the 7% or $4.06 will reflect in the Affiliates dashboard under commissions.

The Navigators Club:

The Navigators Club membership allow professionals an all access pass to all the courses offered by The Charter Companies. This license comes with two focused group sessions live trainings on course one. We also offer two group sessions of professional coaching on courses 2 -5. These calls are each week, so professionals get access to professional career advice from experts that are well versed in today’s employment demands. These calls are hosted by Peter Kulturides Founder & CEO of The Charter Companies and Anthony Roman President & Chief Learning Officer of the charter Companies.

  • This course is for the year cost $227.87
  • The payment for the course will be $167.99 at the date of purchase.
  • After the 6 months the license will convert over to a $9.98 per month charge for the 2nd 6 months
  • The Charter Companies will pay a commission on the $167.99 to all Affiliates = $11.76 per license.
  • All commissions will be paid out during the commission cycle that the purchase accrues in and will be reflected in the Affiliates dashboard.

Charter Resume Service:

Charter Resume Service offers two levels of Professional EliteResume Services. This license includes a 12 month all access license to Charter E-Learning & Coaching platform. Listed below are the cost of the licenses.

  • College Professional Resume Service $425.00
  • 7%Commission payout to the Affiliate would =$29.75per license
  • Professional Executive Resume Service$595.00
  • 7% Commission payout to the Affiliate would =$41.65 per license

Note:Charter Career Coaching offers Executive Coaching Services to all levels of professionals. The Charter Companies and all affiliated companies does not pay a commission on any coaching services.

Charter Career Coaching Executive Coaching Services

Charter Career Coaching specializes in executive coaching services for all thing career related. Our Executive coaching services are executed on our custom coaching platform Charter E-Learning. We offer two levels of coaching listed below. An Affiliate would earn 7% commission for the referral of the services.

  • Executive Coaching Single Session $350.00 Commission 7% =$24.50
  • Quarterly Executive Coaching with all access license. 1,600.00Commission 7% $24.50 per quarter

The Affiliates dashboard, payments, sub Affiliate and example of commissions

Sales Professional / Affiliate Dashboard

Each Affiliate will have their own dashboard to show the amount the traffic that they are driving to the site, registers for free and who purchases. All Affiliates will see their sales activity live in their dashboard. The will see the commission earned for the commission period. This individual Affiliate dashboard is linked to the Affiliates social feeds and so the affiliate has ability to post directly from their portal. The social channels are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, etc.

Your affiliate dashboard is unique to you. It contains everything you’ll need to promote our site and our product, including:

  • Your affiliate link,
  • One-click sharing to social media,
  • Banner ads,
  • And more sharing resources.

You can also access your affiliate dashboard by downloading the Affiliate Dashboard by LeadDyno app to your iPhone or Android smartphone.

As you send traffic to our website via your affiliate link, you will receive credit for each unique visitor, opt-in (email address) and purchase you send our way. Your progress for each category of referral will be reflected in real-time on your affiliate dashboard.

Each link provided by The Charter Companies has an Affiliate ID attached. We can’t track your sales and traffic without you posting the full URL, so please be sure to use your affiliate link. Our social sharing shortcuts have your affiliate link embedded in their posts.

When a prospect visits our site from your affiliate link, we will be able to register their purchase (if/when they make one) and credit the sale to you.

The Charter Companies will craft the messages and load them into the Affiliates Portal to push a consistent message to the public and drive messaging, traffic and revenue. If an Affiliate has a professional that they would like to sign up as a sub affiliate under them, they will need to have that subAffiliate submit a resume and application to The Charter Companies and interview with Peter Kulturides and Anthony Roman.

Once The Charter Companies approves the sub Affiliate and get them registered in the affiliates system the Affiliate will then start receiving a 3% commission on all sales that the sub Affiliate generated. All the sales commission and sub sales commission will be reflective in the individual Affiliate’s dashboard.

See example of a commission structure below for multi tear Affiliate

Example: Sub Affiliate (Peter) falls under Anthony who is the Affiliate that Peter is registered under.

In this example Anthony (the main Affiliate) has not sold a License but who is his sub Affiliate has

  • Sub Affiliate under Anthony, (Peter) sells 1 Navigators Club License his commission is $167.99
  • Peters Commission7% =$11.76
  • Anthony’s override commission on Peters Sale3 % Override =$5.03
  • Total commission payout between Peter and Anthony = $16.80


There will be on a schedule posted for commission payouts. All payouts will be processed through PayPal on the scheduled commission date. The payment will be reflective of what you have sold and any Sub Affiliate(if you have been designated one) that sells under you for the pay period. The commissions that are paid to any and all Affiliates will not have taxes taken out. Affiliate will need to be responsible for the taxes, see 1099 contract from The Charter Companies.

Sale Price on Licensing:

When The Charter Companies post a sale on licensing through the Affiliates Network portal the commission that will be paid to the Affiliate will be based off the discounted rate. See example below.

  • Navigators Club License: $167.99 Sale 15% off = $142.79
  • Commission to the Affiliate after the Sale Price was applied =$9.99

This information will be reflected in the Affiliates individual dashboard

Note:The charter Companies doesn’t like to run sale pricing on our products because we have priced them to be affordable for all levels of professionals. We want all our Affiliates to receive a massive commission each month.


  • Search Engine Marketing. We already run search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns on Google; therefore, we ask our affiliates not to run SEM campaigns for our products and services on Google.
  • To clarify the availability of campaigns on secondary search engines, please contact our affiliate manager.

Communications with Affiliates:

The Charter Companies will host a live web conference call to discuss marketing campaign strategy and messaging. We want all our business partners to be a part of our success, driving sales and assisting professionals to take control of their career. What we look for on these calls are for our Affiliates to communicate with the team and bring ideas to the table for use to test and then roll out if they are successful. These calls will be twice a month and will take place on Charter E-Learnings platform in the Affiliates room. Calendar reminders will be sent to all affiliates with login information and reminders. All of our affiliates will have a login to Charter E-Learning.

Sales Professional / Affiliates Monthly Review:

The Charter Companies will perform a monthly review of all Affiliates sales activity. If you are a sub Affiliate working under a specific manager or Senior Affiliate that professional will be on the call to discuss the strategy for the next month. The goal is to drive traffic to the Charter Companies Sites.We will discuss what is coming up for campaigns the messaging schedule and our messaging focus. All these calls will be with either Peter Kulturides Founder & CEO or Anthony Roman President and CLO or both. This is an open forum to assist all Affiliate drive more income

Group Sales for Affiliates:

If an Affiliate sell our licensing to a company, college, fraternity or other large group. The Charter Companies will be able to set the group up through the back end of our system providing login information and access. When The Charter Companies receive payment from the client for the licensing, we will add that sale item to the Affiliates portal for payment and sales history. All sales will be reflected within the commission period that the payment is made.

Note:If an Affiliate needs assistance in structuring the sale or needs assistance in closing the deal, all communications should go through Peter Kulturides or Anthony Roman. Peter and Anthony have over 43 years combined experience in the staffing industry and have built this process. They will make themselves available to any Affiliate to assist them with the sale. The full commission will go to the Affiliate that brings the relationship to the table. Peter and Anthony will address this process in the Affiliates on boarding process.

Being an Affiliate in good standing:

Being an Affiliate in good standing means that you are representing The Charter Companies in a professional manner. This means that using any and all our company logo’s, copy, intellectual property must be approved by The Charter Companies before anything is posted. All the content that we are driving to our affiliates is considered approved content from The Charter Companies. The messaging content will be loaded into the Affiliates portal, so all Affiliates have access to the approved content and messaging to push it through their social network.

Unethical Behavior

If an Affiliate operates in an unethical manner or uses any of The Charter Companies intellectual property in a manor to be perceived as harmful, rude or explicit to the brand, the affiliate will be terminated from the Affiliates program immediately and appropriate action will be taken. All access to the Affiliates portal and Charter E-Learning will be terminated immediately. The Affiliate will cease in any communication about The Charter Companies to other affiliates. The Affiliate will have a copy of their 1099 contract that has a confidentially clause, non-compete clause and an NDA to refer to. All communications between the Affiliate and The Charter Companies need to be addresses to Peter Kulturides and Anthony Roman. All 1099 Contracts are signed through DocuSign and are on file with The Charter Companies

Video Release Form.

Each Affiliate will need to sign a video release form that allows The Charter Companies to retain the right to all the intellectual property developed and rights to post picture and video of the Affiliate. The Affiliate will also have a landing page designed by The Charter Company that will have a picture and video clip that will be part of the marketing tool kit for theAffiliate.All video release forms are signed via DocuSign and are on file with The Charter Companies.

Terminating You Affiliations with The Charter Companies:

The Charter Companies terminates its relationship with anAffiliate, or the Affiliate terminates their relationship with The Charter Companies, the termination need to be in writing within 30 days of the termination date. This will allow The Charter Companies to pay the Affiliate their commission as of the termination date. The amount will be calculated in your user dashboard and the final commission payment will be paid one week after the termination date upon the final Invoice to The Charter Companies.

Commission Payout upon termination:

The date of termination stated in writing will be when the final commission check will be calculated. The Charter Companies will pay the Affiliate their final commission the following week upon the receipt of the Affiliates invoice. A 1099 will be sent at the end of the year confirming the total amount of commissions paid to the Affiliate for that fiscal year.

If the Affiliate is a Senior Affiliate and has a network of sub Affiliates under them, the sub Affiliates commissions earned after the date of the terminations will be forgone by Senior Affiliate.

In the case of The Charter Companies terminating the agreement with the Affiliate,The Charter Companies will provide in writing the terminating date.The amount will be calculated in your user dashboard and the final commission payment will be paid one week after the termination date upon the final Invoice to The Charter Companies.

After the termination date has passed the Affiliate will not have access to the Affiliates portal or Charter E-Leaning’s platform. The Affiliate will not be receiving any commissions on past leads that was generated and converted after the terminations date has passed. If Affiliate had a network of sub Affiliates working under them, the Affiliate will not receive commission on the sub Affiliates production after the termination date has past. The Affiliate is not to have contact about The Charter Companies with any of the other Affiliates and are not to approach subAffiliates on sales commission payout on referral sales. After the termination date The Charter Companies reserves the rights to all of the leads generated by the Affiliate after the termination date has passed and referrers to leads generated in the system as Intellectual property of The Charter Companies.

When an Affiliate terminates their agreement with The Charter Companies, their agreement is bound to the none compete, none disclosure and confidentially agreement they signed in the 1099 contract. All payments will be made one week after the date of termination and the receipt of the final invoice.

For all legal matters please e-mail The Charter Companies at

Sub Affiliate report to after Affiliate terminates:

If an affiliate terminates their agreement with the Charter Companies and they have a sub Affiliate network of professionals, those sub Affiliates will report to Peter Kulturides CEO and Anthony Roman President of The Charter Companies.

Affiliate expectation from The Charter Companies:

The Charter Companies has a minimum standard that all Affiliates need to comply with. If the Affiliate cannot meet the minimum requirements of this opportunity, the Affiliate will be terminated from The Charter Companies network.

Minimum standards of all Affiliates

  • Attend at least one group conference call per month for creative branding idea’s
  • Make each month’s sale’s review
  • Post our social post within a timely manner, within 5 hours of posting
  • Posting your Landing Page or link to your URL twice a week

Group Sales Guideline and Commission Structure

The Charter Companies and all subsidiaries promote our affiliates to sell to large groups. Our platform is designed to manage a volume of professionals at one time who are looking to advancing their careers. We have designed a tool that will allow us to communicate with our members in group training sessions and provide updates on currently hiring trends, new courses to advance your career and much more. Listed below is the definition of Group Sales for The Charter Companies and all subsidiaries.

Group Sales Definition:

The Charter Companies defines the term “Group Sale” as any individual sale where there is 50 or more licenses purchased to gain access to the Charter E-Learning & Coaching platform. If an Affiliate is selling to a Fraternity, Sorority or Athletic Organization, The Charter Companies would like to have all professionals registered on the platform within 30 days of purchase. The Charter Companies will require a Purchase Order “PO” for the group sale. Invoice must be paid in full before The Charter Companies registers any of the professionals to the Charter E-Learning & Coaching platform.

The Charter Companies will require a list of names and e-mail address in an excel format of the professionals that the organization would like to register. The Charter Companies will provide each professional on that list with a one-time registration code to be used to gain access to our platform. That code will expire within 30 days of being sent. When the professional registers, they will see at checkout the fee has been paid for the 1st six months access to the platform. Typical license =$167.99

Each professional will be required to enter in their credit card in at checkout for payment of the 2nd 6 months charge of $9:98 per month. All the heavy lifting has been done in the 1st 6 months and now it is time to expand each professionals network and have access to professional career guidance to “Set Your Professional Career Course” The 2nd 6 months we offer professionals live coaching on networking, career reminders, career document storage, monthly live coaching and more. In the 11th month all professionals will be asked to renew their subscription with The Charter Companies. When a professional opts in to renews with us for the following year, they will be locked in at $9:98 for full access to our platform.

All Affiliates selling a group sale need to be in communication with either Peter Kulturides or Anthony Roman on terms of the group sale. If any of our affiliates need assistance in the sales cycle, they are to contact Peter or Anthony for support. All affiliates will be able to share the demo class with their client, so they see a demo of what they are purchasing for their group. Pater and Anthony can go into more detail if the client needs more information.

Group Sales Commission:

The Charter Companies will pay a 7% commission on all group sales to an Affiliate. The Charter Companies and all subsidiaries will not pay a tear commission if the affiliate falls under a SR Affiliate, meaning there will not be an override to the SR Affiliate for commission on the group sale.

  • Example of Commission:
  • Sale of 60 Navigators Licenses
  • Navigators licenses: 167.99 x 7% = $11.76 x 60 = $705.60n Payable net 30 days upon invoice

Group Sales Commission Payout:

All group sales will be paid out 30 days after the funds are received from the group purchasing. The Charter Companies will coordinate with the client to get all professionals in the group properly registered on to the platform. The Affiliate will need to provide The Charter Companies and invoice for the Commission amount prior to payment. The Charter Companies will cut the commission check once that invoice has been paid and the 30 days have past. All group sales payments will be separate to the Affiliates portal and will be paid after The Charter Companies have received the an invoice from the Affiliate. All sales will be reflected in the Affiliates 1099 at the end of the year and will be available for review on their individual sales report.

For all questions on group sales contact:

Peter Kulturides CEO at

Anthony Roman President at


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has endorsement rules in place for affiliate marketing. In short, they want you to disclose that you have a business relationship with us when you promote and post your link.You can read the full FTC rules about affiliate marketing here.

When posting or sharing your link, you should make it known to your readers and followers that you will receive compensation if they buy a product via your link. This declaration should be clear and conspicuous (and reiterated as needed).Again, you can read the FTC rules (and their quick FAQ) here

Glossary of terms that an affiliate needs to know:

  • Affiliate: An affiliate is a professional that has been vetted by The Charter Companies and is contracted to sell The Charter Companies Services
  • Sub Affiliate: A sub Affiliate is a Sales professional that is assigned under a Senior Affiliate’s team.
  • Free: A product that has no charge to the professional that accrues through our e-commerce store. This could also be considered a lead.
  • Lead: A lead is when a professional comes to any of The Charter Companies site and chooses a free membership. This is a level that is non-commissionable to any Affiliate
  • Conversion lead: This is when The Charter Companies take a free member and converts them to a paid member of any of The Charter Companies
  • Commission Structure: This is a fee % that an Affiliate will be commissioned on
  • Commission Schedule: This will be the set schedule that commissions will be paid to the affiliate each month based on the sales that they generated within the commissionable time frame.
  • Override: The Commission override is when an Affiliate has a Sales Professional that Is registers under their affiliate and the Sales Professional sells commissionable product and the affiliate gets a 2% override on the sale.
  • 1099 Agreement: Each Sales Professional / Affiliate will need to sign a 1099 agreement that states that the sales professional/ affiliate will be responsible for the taxes based on the commission earned.
  • This agreement will outline the products that you get commissioned on.
  • What your commission rate is,
  • When commission is paid out (Commission Schedule)
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • None compete and none discloser
  • Commissionable Product: This is a product that is designated a commissionable item by the charter companies. The items that are commissionable are commissionable to the Sales professional and the affiliate See the example above from The Navigators Club. All other products such as Professional Structured Executive coaching are not commissionable to any Sales Professional or Affiliate.

The Charter Companies

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Charter E-Learning

Peter L. Kulturides Founder / CEO

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