The Charter Companies Overview

The Charter Companies

The Charter Companies are comprised of 4 companies that all work as a cohesive group of companies to service college professionals through executives to enhance their career. There is no other company that provides all the career services and trains professionals to take control of setting their career course like The Charter Companies. We want professionals that we service to have the most up to date career information as the markets change. Our coaching and training staff is comprised of 100% Executive Search and Human Resources Recruiting Professionals that provide coaching services designed by Peter Kulturides and Anthony Roman, veteran Executive Search Professionals. was designed to service college students in obtaining multiple college internships and preparing them to set their professional career course. This service will provide students with a map to chart their internship course. The process that our students learn will be the same process they will use as professionals to move throughout their career. As technology changes, is committed to making sure our training reflects the most effective tools in the staffing industry and is decimated to our students in a step by step process, so it is easy to duplicate!

Charter E-Learning:

Charter E-Learning is a custom learning and coaching platform designed to service our professionals for all items career. The e-learning platform is the epicenter for our step by step career courses, conference call series, and executive coaching. We designed this custom platform to be interactive and service all professionals at any level. Our coaching and conference calls are performed live on our hi-definition video conferencing channel on Charter E-Learning. Our focus is to have you set your career heading and execute that course! Whether you are a freshman in college looking to build your network or land an internship, or a professional looking to break through to the management suite, or an executive that is looking to strategically seek out their next executive move, The Charter Companies and Charter E-Learning is ready to assist you in plotting your heading!