Charter Navigator Club Twelve Month Access


Navigators Club

12 Month Access 

Charter E-Learning Powered By The Charter Companies  

Navigators Club: this 12-month program takes you from the very beginning of your career improving journey and continues to support you as you evolve into managing your own growth.
We are excited to assist you through this process and look forward to seeing you on our calls!
NOTE: By choosing this payment option you are committing to paying the month to month fee of $18.75 per month for 12 months. You will receive an opt-in for $18.75 per month in the 10th month of your membership. If you choose not to opt in at the reduced rate and the offer expires, You will be charged at the current full rate of our services.




Navigators Club

TWELVE MONTH  all-access pass to all the courses offered by Charter E-Learning

Charter E-Learning Powered By The Charter Companies 

The Navigators Club is an all-access license for students to have access to all the courses that we offer as well as all free content. All of our courses are set up in a step by step process for our professionals through Charter E-Learning. All of the courses offered in the navigators level work for college professionals through executives.

Core Five Training Courses: 

  1. Create & Verbalize Your Story
  2. Create a Proper Resume
  3. Setup LinkedIn & Use It Like A Recruiter
  4. Search & Apply for an Internship
  5. Prepare & Be an Active Participant in an Interview

Each month we will send a reminder on

  1. Monthly accomplishments update
  2. Networking Techniques
  3. Advanced LinkedIn
  4. Weekly coaching call with Q&A

Our Navigators Club members will be able to access Live Weekly Group Executive Coaching & Training! We host these sessions via our video conferencing center on Charter E-Learning. These coaching and training sessions are held live with Peter and Anthony.  Peter and Anthony are committed to assisting our professionals to achieve success in every step of the process.

The Charter Companies will be adding more courses that will be included in this licensing purchase.


Welcome Aboard,


Peter L. Kulturides

Founder / CEO

The Charter Companies