Our FAQ section will cover all of the frequently asked questions. If you are still stuck send us an e-mail to info@thechartercompanies.com

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Haven’t purchased yet?  

  • Does this program apply to me?  
  • Here is who our courses and programs are designed for:  
  • Professionals that are looking to know the secret to taking control and growing their career
  • College students looking to graduate ahead of their peers with real-world internship experience prior to graduating 
  • Recently graduated professionals looking to learn how to ensure their career really fits them 
  • Recently graduated professionals looking to gain career progression and proper career trajectory 
  • Any working professional who feels stagnant in their job, or who doesn’t want to feel stagnant or stuck 
  • Any working professional who doesn’t feel they have access to the best career guidance by actual recruiting and placement professionals 
  • Anyone who doesn’t feel like they are realizing their full potential in their career 
  • Anyone who feels underappreciated or under-utilized by their manager or company 
  • Anyone who is tired of not progressing past the first interview in their job search 
  • Anyone who is looking to figure out how to transition into a new career 
  • Anyone who has had bad experiences with recruiters and who doesn’t want to rely on them for their career prospects 
  • Anyone who is tired of not hearing back from resumes or applications sent in 
  • Anyone who wants to be excited to get to work when their alarm goes off in the morning 
  • Anyone who wants to feel in control of their professional life 
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to dread Sunday afternoons anymore because of thinking of a work week ahead that they dread 
  • Anyone we may have missed describing- it applies to you too 

Can I purchase a single course? 

  • No, The Charter Companies takes pride in providing executive coaching live 52 weeks a year. Our Career Management Platform and micro courses provide professionals with a clear path to move forward and be organized in their career.

What kind of support do I get?  

  • Aside from 24/7 access to our online e-learning platform (courses and documents included), The Charter Companies supports all of its’ members with 5 conference calls each week. These calls are run by our CEO and President to address common questions, provide guidance, and help you maximize your membership. 
  • We are constantly adding to our knowledge library to provide you with the most relevant and supportive content to help you. 
  • Exclusive LinkedIn networking group for members gives you peer level connections to leverage. 

What makes this program better than anything else? 

  • First of all, the two principals who create and deliver the curriculum have done nothing for the past 44 years combined other than get people jobs. Booming economies, recessions, startups, Fortune 500 companies, jobs all across the country- Peter and Anthony have first-hand experience staffing all of them.  Contrast that with the experience that many who try to give career or resume advice: English majors, creative writers, human resources professionals who have staffed for only their company, or a family member or friend- these are people typically try their hand at career counseling.  
  • Secondly- none of the curriculum or guidance is hypothetically based. All lessons have been learned through interviewing and placing tens of thousands of people throughout their careers. Anthony and Peter typically have interviewed more people in 3 months than some hiring managers have in their careers. They have only been paid for guidance that works. Period. 
  • Thirdly, perspective. They have seen economies change, technology drive evolution, and through it all have been able to extract the timeless principles that have worked for their clients across skill sets and markets. There aren’t a lot of situations that they haven’t seen. Try them.  
  • Lastly, continuity. Peter will finish Anthony’s sentences. From across the country. And vice versa. Why is this important? Aside from being a cool party trick, it proves the point that these guys have learned and practiced the art and science of getting people jobs the exact same way. They have boiled down all of their experiences into a formula that just plain works- no matter where you are in your career or what they economy is doing. They don’t get their experiences from the sidelines, reading about trends, etc.  They have seen it, lived it and can give you actual examples of where they have done it.